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 Systems & Equipments
 Reverse Osmosis For Brackish Water.
 Available at a wide range of capacities 3,000 GPD _ 500,000 GPD.  
 Reverse Osmosis For Sea Water
 Al Remal Sea Water Reverse Osmosis units.  
 Water Softener
 Hard Water to Soft water  

Filtration and Sterilization Ozonation UV Sterilizers

Parts & Components ( Genuine Parts )
Membrane Elements Filmtec RO membranes, Brackish Water & Sea Water.
Filter Cartridges All types and all sizes.
Filter Housings All types and all sizes.
Pumps and Motors Grundfos pumps and KSB pumps.
Chemicals All chemicals required for desalination systems.
Media Filter Sand filter and Activated carbon filter.
Pressure Vessels Pressure Vessels required for RO membrane.
Control Panel Design and Manufacture control panel.
Instruments Pressure gauges, pressure switch & flow meter.

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